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How to Enable/Disable Carbon Black Sensor Bypass Mode from Command Line using RepCLI Utility


Due to Various issues / testing's VMware Carbon Black Cloud sensor needs to be set bypass mode locally.


VMware Carbon Black Cloud: All Supported Versions

Carbon Black Cloud (Formerly PSC/CB Defense) Sensor: 3.0.x.x and Higher

Operating System : All Supported Versions of Windows & Mac


Provide steps to enable or disable the CB sensor bypass mode locally


Step 1: Open the Command Prompt or Terminal:

On Windows, press Win + R, type cmd, and press Enter.

On macOS or Linux, search for Terminal in the Applications.

Step 2: Navigate to Carbon Black Install Directory:

On Windows Using the command line or navigate to the directory where the Carbon Black installation is located. Generally, it is found in either C:\Program Files\Carbon Black\ or C:\Program Files (x86)\Carbon Black\

On macOS or Linux, the installation path is typically /usr/local/cb.

Step 3: Enter Bypass Mode Command:

Now, execute the following command to enable the sensor bypass mode:


Enable Bypass/Disable Protection

"C:\Program Files\Confer\Repcli.exe" /bypass 1

Disable Bypass/Enable Protection

"C:\Program Files\Confer\Repcli.exe" /bypass 0


Enable Bypass/Disable Protection

sudo /Applications/ -b <UninstallCode>

Disable Bypass/Enable Protection

sudo /Applications/ -n <UninstallCode>

Open an Elevated Command Prompt in Windows 10 and 11 & check the status typing the below command.



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