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How to deploy Carbon Black Sensor on Horizon Full clone Persistent Pools


Endpoint Standard (Formerly CB Defense) Sensor 3.6.x and Higher

Microsoft Windows: All Supported Versions in Horizon

VMware Horizon View


To deploy Endpoint Standard Sensors to a VMware Horizon Full clones/Persistent VM's , which is subsequently deployed from a base template or golden image.

For sensors 3.6.x and Higher:

  1. Create the Parent Image for the full clone pool deployment and install the VM tools.

  2. Install the CB sensor on the "Master Image" using below command:

  3. Open CMD with Run as Administrator .

  4. Navigate to the CB sensor installation location.

  5. Run the below command

msiexec.exe /q /i install_vista_win7_win8-64-3.x.msi /L* CB_log.log COMPANY_CODE="XXXXXXXX" CLI_USERS=sid BASE_IMAGE=1 GROUP_NAME="Virtual"


COMPANY CODE : company registration code from the CB cloud console. CLI_USERS : This parameter on the golden image enables REPCLI usage on the clones. The value is the Security Identifier (SID) of the user account/group that will run repcli commands on the clone. GROUP_NAME : Mention the Policy Name which has the necessary exclusions are applied to the policy.

3. Verify the CB icon visible on the taskbar or Add/remove program

4. Run the below command to update the latest CB signature

  1. Open the CMD with Run as Administrator

  2. Navigate to C:\program files\confer folder

  3. Repcli updateAVSignature

5. Perform the Background scan on the Parent Image. (optional) C:\program files\confer\Repcli.exe ondemandscan c:\

Progress of the OnDemand scan can be tracked via below command.

6. Shutdown the Parent image and convert into template .

7. Create Full clone pool with parent VM Template in Horizon view admin console.

8. Once the pools deployed and VM came to available state , the newly created VM will be registered with new device ID within the Carbon Black Cloud (CBC) Console.

Note : Creating a Full Clone VDI Pool, you can refer my previous post as mentioned below

Creating an Automated Dedicated Full-Clone Desktop Pool in Horizon View

I hope this will help to deploy the Carbon Black Cloud Sensor on the base image for deploying the Horizon Full clone Persistent pools.

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