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Creating an Automated Dedicated Full-Clone Desktop Pool in Horizon View

As I mentioned in my previous post, we have many types of desktop pool in Horizon View, today we will discuss about How to create an Automated Dedicated Pool with Full Clone Technology. Normally Full Clone desktop pools are used for dedicated user assignment, which mostly needed for Day to Day operations for developers.

Configurations on VMware vCenter

Creating the Virtual Machine

Once you have logged in to VMware vCenter Server, click Hosts and Clusters, Right click on on the Cluster & create a new virtual machine. Follow the steps & complete the process.

Converting the Virtual Machine to Template

  1. Power off the created VM (WIN10-FullClone-Base). Right-click the virtual machine, and then point to "Template."

  2. Click "Convert to Template", Select the Yes in the Confirmation Wizard.

Once you click on the OK on the Confirmation wizard, the VM is converted to Template.

Creating the Customization Profile

Open vSphere web client and navigate to Policies and Profiles option from menu,

Select VM Customization and Specification > Click on +New.

Name and target OS

Name: Windows 10-FC-VDI

Description: Custom Spec for W10 Full Clone VDI

vCenter: santoshlab-vc.local

Target OS: Windows

Select Generate a new security identity (SID)

Click Next.

Registration information

Owner name : SantoshTech

Owner organization : SantoshTech Inc,

Computer name

Use the virtual machine name

Administrator password

Provide the Admin Password

*Number of times to logon automatically - 1

Note: Select this option, if VDI computer account needs to be placed on a specific OU

Time zone

Specify a time zone for the virtual machine.

Commands to run once

*Enter the commands to run the first time a user logs on.

Note: Custom Domain join Script to place the computer on a specific OU


Specify the network settings for the virtual machine.- use default

Workgroup or domain

Option 1: Add VDI computers accounts to specific OU using a custom script

Select - WORKGROUP and ensure a custom domain join script is created.

Domain Join Script ( Code can be downloaded from the GitHub )

Option 2 :

Select - DOMAIN and provide domain account user details.

Ready to complete

Configurations on Horizon Admin Console

Create Full Clone Dedicated Desktop Pool

Login to Horizon View Administrator console, Under Inventory > Desktops > select Desktop Pools.

From Desktop Pools tab, click on Add.. button


Automated Desktop pool

Manual desktop pool

RDS desktop pool

vCenter Server

In vCenter Server tab, we have three types of cloning option

Instant Clone

View Composer Linked Clone

Full Clone Machine

Select Full Clone Machine, click on Next

User Assignment



Enable automatic assignment

Users receive the same machines each time they log into the desktop pool.

Storage Optimization

Use VMware Virtual SAN

Do not use VMware Virtual SAN

Select Use VMware Virtual SAN

Desktop Pool Identification

ID - VMC-FCD-ENG (Desktop Pool ID is the unique )

Display Name - Windows - Engineering ( Display Nam user will see )

Description: Full Clone Dedicated Pool

Provisioning Settings

Virtual Machine Naming

Specify Names Manually

Use a naming pattern - Provide the Standard naming format

Provision Machines

Machines on demand

Desktop Pool Sizing

Max number of machines: Provide the number as per your requirement

vCenter Settings

Virtual Machine Template : Source as vCenter

Template - As we created earlier ( WIN10-FullClone-Base)

Virtual Machine Location

VM Folder Location: - Point to the default Datacenter or based o your Choice

Resource Settings

Host or cluster: Select based on the choice

Resource pool: - Select default if its not created anything

Datastores: Select based on the choice

Desktop Pool Settings

State: Enable

Connection Server restrictions: No

Category Folder: No

Session Types: Desktop

Remote Machine Power Policy: No

Automatically logoff after disconnect:

After - 1440 mins ( Based on your requirement )

Allow users to restart/reset their machines: Yes

Remote Display Protocol

Default display protocol: VMware Blast

Allow users to choose protocol: - Yes

3D Renderer: Disabled

Max number of monitors: - 2 ( Based on the Choice )

Max resolution of any one monitor: 1920×1200

HTML Access: Yes

Advanced Storage Options


Guest Customization

Use this customization specification:

Select the "WIndows 10-FC-VDI" - Next

Ready to Complete

All the details will be visible in the final page

Wait for 15-20 mins to get the pool deployed successfully.


Login to Horizon View Administrator console, Under Inventory > Desktops > select Desktop Pools.

Double click on the newly created pool "Windows - Engineering ", click on the Entitlements tabs, "Add Entitlements", add the required user / security group.

Click on the Machines tab, check if the newly deployed pools have the required machines in "Available" state.

The assigned user should be able to see entitled VDI

Source Code from GitHub



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