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Creating App Volumes Applications for Horizon Cloud on Azure

In this post I will show you how to create an application using Horizon Universal Console ( formerly known as Horizon Cloud Console ) with App volume 4.x.

Before you begin the application creation steps, you must have an available image with the App Volumes Agent installed. To create such an image you must follow the below steps or refer my previous post for creating an image step by step:

  • Import a VM with the App Volumes Agent installed.

  • Follow the import steps in the Create a Base Virtual Machine Automatically from the Microsoft Azure Marketplace and Pair it with Horizon Cloud and select the App Volumes Agent toggle under Advanced Options.

  • Create an image from that imported VM. This is the image you use to create the new app package in the following steps.

Steps for Application Capture :

Login to Horizon Universal Console with your myvmware account and domain account

  1. Once you logged in select Inventory > Applications from console

  2. Click New > Create.

  3. Under Definition in the New Application Package window, enter the values shown below

4. Click Save

Note : The first time a user initiates the capture process, the system takes up to 20-25 minutes before the capture desktop VM is ready to use for capturing an application.

  • The system creates one assignment per image per pod.

  • These assignments are named according to the pattern appcaptureXXXX, where XXXX is a randomly generated number.

TIPS - You can go to Monitor > Notifications to view useful information about the progress of your capture as well as next steps at each point in the procedure. There are notifications for package creation, assignment creation, and assignment status. Notifications also provide assignment names, package names, and the identity of the user performing each capture. If a capture fails for any reason, you can look in the notifications to see any errors that have been reported

When the status is Desktop ready for application capture, you can proceed with the steps to log into the capture desktop VM and start installing an application for your app package.

5. On the Application ( Inventory -> Application ) page, click the name of the application which you created.

6. Select the new application package and then click Start Capture.

The Horizon HTML Access (Blast) login form opens in a new browser tab.

7. Log in using the same credentials that you used to log in to the Horizon Universal Console.

8. In the Horizon HTML Access client, launch the capture desktop VM

Reminder : The user name used to log in to the capture VM must have local administrator privileges, or the user will not see the Packaging in progress dialog box.

A VMware App Volumes - Packaging in progress dialog box with the message Packaging... is displayed on the Windows 10 desktop on the notification area.

Important Note : Do not close this dialog box. If needed, move it out of the way until you are finished installing the application.

9. Install an application that you want to capture during the Packaging Process.

10. Click OK in the VMware App Volumes - Packaging in progress dialog box, after you finished installing the application. The next App Volumes – Packaging in progress window appears.

A VMware App Volumes - Packaging in progress dialog box with the message Installation complete? is displayed.

11. Click Yes.

A VMware App Volumes - Finalize Package dialog box displays.

12. Make any desired changes to the name and version, and optionally add a description.

13. Click on Finalize.

14. A message displays prompting you to reboot the VM. Click OK and let the VM reboot.

As the capture desktop VM is rebooting, your HTML Access client session displays a message that you have been disconnected.

15. After the capture desktop VM is back online, log in again to see message Finalizing package and after few mins you notice the Packaging successful! message as shown below.

16.Log out of the capture desktop VM or wait for 5 mins you will be logged out automatically.

On the application detail page, the new app package appears with status of Application capture in progress. The status changes to Success when the app package import is complete.


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