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Setting up VMware Workspace ONE Access Authenticator Application to enable two-factor authentication

This feature enables Authenticator App authentication method in Workspace ONE Access for two-factor authentication. By allowing this user will be required to enter Time-based One-time (TOTP) passcode from an Authenticator application like Microsoft Authenticator/ Google Authenticator to login into Workspace One Access.


Workspace One Access Manager

Workspace One Connector

Identity Provider/Directory services

Reference Articles

Steps to configure Authenticator App and Enable the Built-in Identity Provider

Access the VMware Workspace One Access Manager administration console

Navigate to the Integrations tab

Click Authentication Methods on the left pane

Select Authenticator App

Click Configure

Enable Authenticator Adapter Authentication

Configure allowed/ re-try/lock-out time

Enter any custom text for first-time registration (Usually involves adding steps to help or calling the service desk if there are any issues)

Enter recovery text

Click Save

Navigate to the Integrations tab

Click Identity Providers on the left pane

Select your Directory IDP/Builtin IDP

Enable the Authenticator App

Click Save

Add Authentication Rules to Workspace ONE Access Policy

Navigate to Resources Tab

Click Policies on the left pane

Select the Access policy

Click edit

Click Next

Select and configure the policy rules

Click the plus sign to add an additional Authentication method

Click the drop-down

Select Authenticator App from the drop-down

Note: The policy configured will allow any users assessing from a web browser to first authenticate using a password and then Authenticator App

Click Save

Click Next

Review and verify the details

Click Save


The user enters the directory credentials

Click sign in

First time user is prompted to configure the Authenticator app

Enter the code displayed on the Authenticator app

Click Enter

Login Success

User Administration for Authenticator app

Access the VMware Workspace One Access Manager administration console

Navigate to the Accounts Tab

Click Users on the left

Search and select the user from the user’s list

Click the Two-Factor Authentication tab

Here is the place to check/reset the settings for the user

Workspace One Access, Authenticator App for Two-Factor Authentication Configuration is complete.




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