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What's new with VMware Horizon 8 (2006) !

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

VMware Horizon 8 (2006) contains a variety of new features and enhancements. Let's take a look at the new features and capabilities of VMware Horizon 8 2006.

Here are some of the most notable new enhancements and updates to the platform:

  • Branding and Versioning - We’ve moved to the YYMM-style format to version the Horizon Server, Horizon Client and Horizon Agent. This new format applies to product installations and Horizon Console as well

  • Updates to Core Platform - Horizon 2006 now supports parallel upgrades of Connection Servers. Note that this applies to a maximum of 3 pods at a time in parallel. If another host in a local or global pod is in an inconsistent state, the installer is blocked.

    • Up to 32 GB of cache in CBRC 2.0 is now supported, up significantly from 2 GB in CBRC 1.0.

  • False memory alarm for IC Parents on vSphere 7.0 can be removed.

  • Note that now HTML is on by default for desktop pools and RDSH farms

  • Deployment Options : When installing Horizon connection server 8, you can deploy it to different locations. You have a choice between On-premises, AWS, VMware Cloud on Dell EMC, Azure, VMware Engine on Google Cloud or VMware engine on Oracle Cloud. The selection of where you deploy will trigger the location of vCenter server ( if it’s located on-prem, in the cloud) and has influence on vCenter permissions as well.

  • Digital Watermark : You now have the option of configuring a digital watermark for ownership protection, authenticity, and verification of intellectual property. This allows you to prove ownership and establish a chain of custody on your property. You can set up variables in the watermark, such as IP address, username, domain name, and so on, as well as customizing the opacity, margin, and layout.

  • REST API : Horizon Server REST API can be used for automation or reporting purposes within your VMware Horizon environment. With this release of Horizon, many new endpoints has been added. The restful state transfer (REST) architectural style really gives scripters and developers a necessary consistency when creating and manage automation around Horizon.

  • Smart Provisioning - Horizon automatically choose the type of desktop to create, based on density of VMs per host in selected cluster. Low density types are created without parent VMs, high density are created with parent VMs. Horizon directly clones replica without a parent VM, which takes a lot of memory and disk space. This lowers the number of parent VMs in lower-density clusters, and reduces the footprint. For high density, traditional instant clones are created with parent VMs.

  • Blast Extreme Protocol has been improved - Blast Extreme is VMware's proprietary display protocol that provides the most powerful way to communicate with backend desktop resources. New with the VMware Horizon 8 2006 release, the VMware Blast Extreme protocol offers the following:

    1. High-quality video

    2. 3D graphics workloads

    3. New HEVC H.265 codecs and GPUs

    4. Support for 4K and 8K monitors

You can connect up to two 8k monitors.

  • Universal Broker - In VMware Horizon 8 2006 there is a new component called the Universal Broker. With the Universal Broker, you can enable global entitlement no matter where the resource exists. This enables intelligently provisioning users to a personal desktop or application in any cloud environment across the board.

  • Feature Mapping - When you compare Horizon 8 (2006) to Horizon 7, you can notice some deprecated features, such as linked clones in the Composer and persistent disks. These features still exist, but are slated to be removed in a future version. Some features have been removed, such as support for older versions of Windows, the JMP Server, persona management, FLEX admin, ThinPrint, and Security Server, all of which have been replaced by newer functionality. Note that instant clones are now available across all license types.



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