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How to Set OneDrive (Automatically signin) as Default save location when using Horizon Published app

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

Now a days more organizations are shifting to remote work, things like VDI and PublishedApps. It also offers a way of accessing applications without having them installed on your current device.

However there is a common challenge with remote apps, how do we transfer files from the local device to the server without the user having to go through VPN or opening other non secure ways. The common answer to this is "just let them save to OneDrive".

Recently I had a use case where a customer uses VMware Horizon RDSH with RemoteApps and files had to be opened and saved on the user’s OneDrive within these applications.

In Horizon the RemoteApps will be published in a Farm where multiple servers are hosted and user will get the application from any random server in each time they open the application.

Here is the steps which will help you to capture the OneDrive Settings and will provide the user with persistence when ever they login to publishedapps.

In Publishedapps when user Activate the Office 365 first time, if will get activated OneDrive along with Office if the user have E5 license.

Simply create a Application Profiler for OneDrive and captured the required settings using the VMware Dynamic Environment Manager.

  1. Start the VMware Dynamic Environment Manager Management Console and click Create Config File.

  2. Use an Application Template.

  3. Select the application template ( Microsoft Office 2016/2019/365 ) , Select OneDrive for Business and click Next.

  4. Provide the file name & Description

  5. Click Save.

Edit the required Settings, make sure below settings are updated, then save it.

Validation :

Login to Published app & Open the Microsoft PowerPoints

Activate the Microsoft Office

After Activation, Save the Document / PowerPoints, you can see the Default Save location is Pointed to users OneDrive.



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