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Step by Step for Deploying VMware Workspace ONE Access

Deployment of a single node VMware Workspace One Access Manager solution, which will be act as an identity management solution.


Please go through the technical documentation from VMware concerning the requirements. As of this deployment, I will be going with minimum specifications.

  • Supported vSphere and ESX Versions (8, 7, 6.7, 6.5)

  • DNS record and IP address

  • Active Directory ( version has support for Active Directory on Windows Server 2022)

  • Firewall configurations

  • Certificates

Official VMware links

Deployment Steps

Download the Workspace One Access OVA from the VMware site

Download link below

Log in to the vSphere web console Right-click on the Cluster Deploy OVF template

Select Local file Click upload files Select the downloaded Workspace One OVF template Click Next

Name the Virtual Machine Select the location Click Next

Select the compute cluster Click Next

Review details and click next

Accept the license agreements and click next

Select the choice of the deployment configuration Click Next

Select storage and click next

Select Network and Click Next

On the Customize template below options need to be filled

Time zone Host Name (FQDN) Default Gateway Domain Name (Optional) Domain Search Path (Optional) DNS IP Address Netmask Click Next

Review the selections and then click finish

Monitor for the import OVF deployment status. Post successful deployment, power on the Workspace one manager node Open the Virtual Machine console to monitor the boot process and allow 5-15 minutes for the Workspace one manager node to load-up

Post successful startup,

Let’s access the Workspace One Access Manager initial configuration page. On a Browser, access https://FQDN:8443 (Ignore the certificate warning) Click advance for the “Your connection is not private” screen. Click “Proceed to node FQDN(unsafe)

Workspace ONE Access configuration

This concludes the deployment. I ll be creating another post soon for configuring the VMware Workspace One Access ( node.





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