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Configuring Smart Provisioning in Horizon 8 Instant Clone Pools / Farms

In Horizon 8 (2006), there are many new features are enhanced and one of the feature is Smart Provisioning for Instant Clones. Smart Provisioning is enabled by default for Instant Clone pools and farms with empty value.

Smart Provisioning is the ability for Horizon to choose the best way to provision an instant clone depending on the environment. In certain cases, instant clones are provisioned to optimize for the speed of clone creation by creating and leveraging parent VM’s on each host.

If you want to check or switch the provisioning scheme for an existing Instant Clone pool or farm, you could do so by updating it directly through the ADAM Database.

  1. Go to ADAM Database, and browse to "OU=Server Groups".

  2. Select the Pool/Farm that you want to update.

  3. Look up the "pae-ProvisionScheme" in the properties and change to the following options to suit your needs:

  • ModeA – Traditional Instant Clones

  • ModeB – Instant clones with no Parent VMs

  • Smart/Empty Value – Smart Provisioning (Default)



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